The Barrels are recycled. They are all food grade and previously had a food item in them. This holds the price down and makes this a green product. We clean them with a 1/4 Cup bleach to 10 Gallons of water solution. The barrels will allow you to collect rainwater and use it for your choice of landscape, water feature or animal.

The barrel will come equipped with and ready to attach the following:

Inlet A one-gallon landscape pot is placed in a hole cut into the top of the barrel. Small rocks are placed in the pot to filter large items out. The pot will need to be cleaned as needed. There is also a screen attached to keep the mosquitoes out.

To attach the downspout to the barrel (get it in the pots area) you will probably need to cut the downspout. If you need a fitting, like an elbow, your local home store should have it.

Overflow The curved pipe is an overflow. If the barrel fills during a rain event the overflow will let the excess drain. Attachments can be added to direct the water or place a large rock where the water will hit to divert the water. A splash block at an angle away from the structure will also work.
Outlet A hose bibb is attached at the bottom. A standard hose will attach to the hose bibb. It is set at a vertical angle to help avoid kinks in the hose.
Elevation Barrels are intended to use gravity to move the water. The more you can elevate your barrel the more pressure you will create.
Drip Irrigation Running a soaker hose or utilizing drip irrigation products from your home store will work well. You can also feed a bird bath or automatic drip water bowl for animals.

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