We will set up a system for drip irrigation with timers if desired.  Drip irrigation has been found to be the most cost-effective method available for vegetation.  Not to mention the most effective for plant life to thrive.  Each situation is different and this is something we can go over with our site visits.

If you have a well with a pump house the conversion or addition is pretty easy. If not we will create a pump house according to your layout and desires. We will provide the pump and/or pressure tank, sediment filters, and UV light necessary to bring you potable water. Reverse Osmosis is also something we can install under the kitchen sink if desired.

A Water Guzzler can be made out of 2×4’s, metal roofing, gutter, 55-gallon barrels or tanks with a float. It requires no electricity. Your land may have a significant stormwater runoff in which case we can divert water to a tank for consumption. Some properties have springs but due to cedar (Ashe juniper), they are not active. We can cut the cedars down, get the springs to come back and set up a way to collect the water for consumption.

A modern rainwater collection system provides households with a supply of clean water for many uses – from cleaning purposes to filtered drinking water. Rainwater harvesting is an economical way to ensure access to water year around while lowering municipal water bills for individual households. At the same time, rainwater collection means there is less pressure on public water systems. Rainwater collection is an environmentally sound and responsible practice for today’s changing environment.

Rainwater Collection Systems, such as these ready to use Rainwater Harvesting Tanks, provide you with the means of using rainwater during the rainy season allowing the natural and municipal reservoirs to recharge for use during the dry season.

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