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Design/Build is a term used to describe a business that combines a high-quality, professional design with high-quality professional construction.

At Lone Star we follow these steps in the design/construction process:

• Step 1 – Is an initial consultation including discussions regarding the wants and needs of the project, “ballpark” budget and field measurements. If the project is simple we will provide you with a promptly written estimate followed by an agreement if a design is involved.

• Step 2 – We will make some pencil sketches and provide you with a rough estimate of the project. If you are comfortable we will go to the design/development phase.

• Step 3 – We will provide hand-drawn plans or CAD drawn plans by a designer or Architect. The complexity of the project and the comfort of the client determine which way we proceed. Along with this, we will do a line-by-line estimate of your job. There will be a fee commensurate with the depth of design and the level of the person used.

• Step 4 – Is the construction agreement. This details your project and provides us with an agreement to go forward with construction.

• Step 5 – Is the actual construction phase.

• Step 6 – Is the project completion. A final invoice will be issued and the warranty period begins.

There is no charge for the initial consultation.

We encourage you to contact our references: they are people like yourselves who entrusted their building and renovation work to us and can attest to the dependable service we provide. In the interest of privacy, we do not list our references online, but we will be happy to furnish that information as requested at the appropriate time.

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