Lone Star Construction and Remodeling was founded in January 1997. After being in the corporate world and working with General Contractors I knew I could provide a more professional and service-oriented solution than I experienced.

Our initial emphasis was in commercial remodeling and finish out. A large amount of our work was for Marriott at Courtyards, Residence Inns, Fairfield Inns and at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, GA. Some of the projects were gazebos, building Spa areas, bars, remodeling all property bathrooms, property door replacements and remodeling office areas. In 1998 we were hired to remodel or build most of the outbuildings on the 36 Hole Stone Mountain Golf Course The course had been run by the State before Marriott took over so it was in disrepair. We rebuilt the driving Range and created a Clubhouse on it out of a shack. The range had always been void of sewage on the granite mountain and we engineered a way, then completed the process. The range became an instructional facility with club making and a strong source of revenue for Marriott after our efforts. Other projects at Stone Mountain included remodeling the business office/gift shop and the indoor pool area as well as creating a full resort Spa in The Evergreen Conference Center.

Gradually we added full-service design/build remodeling and home repair. We do projects involving kitchen/bath, additions, sunrooms, screened porches, decks, outside structures, whole house remodels, concrete work, demolition/reclamation, windows/doors, rustic from reclaimed, barns and general repairs. The concept is to provide the level of design the client prefers from pencil drawings to computer-generated plans. On the construction side, we provide craftsmanship no matter what the level of finish will be. We are proud to have acquired a number of industry designations, awards and being featured in Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine.

Water harvesting was added because it is an easy concept to get behind. It makes sense for everyone at some level on the continuum from a rain barrel to a portable system stored underground. Rainwater is quality soft water. It is a way for one to have water right here right now. It is as green as something can be. If a family of two uses 100 gallons/day, then for 3,000 gallons in a month they need a 1750 square foot roof and 2.75” of rain to be fulfilled. With more storage and/or roof lengthened sustainability increases proportionately. We service the Hill Country and San Antonio areas and look forward to serving you.

2006 Contractor of the Year Award
Kitchen Remodel 60k – 100k

Featured in Amazing Makeover
December 2006 Issue